Wine news June 5, 2017

Palate Press explores Swiss wine. "Swiss wines are nearly impossible to find outside of the country, as they make up less than 1% of global production. Only 1.5% is exported, because the natives — who rank in the top ten in per capita consumption — drink the rest, and still have to import more than double that amount from other countries."

The Washington Post reviews three books on rosé. "The U.S. market, increasingly adventurous in its taste in wine, has responded to this fun, delicious style of vino. And three new books are helping explain why we like rosé so much."

Jancis Robinson on how to buy wine cleverly. "It has long been the case that mature wine is better value than young vintages."

The Associated Press on how Walla Walla, Washington has been transformed from a prison town to a wine town. "Walla Walla had no wineries until the late 1970s. Now there are 120 in the area, and that number is expected to rise. Many are less than 10 years old."

The SF Chronicle on Promontory the new wine estate from Bill Harlan. "Promontory will actually have wine for sale at the winery, unlike Harlan Estate and Bond, which sell wine only through their allocated mailing lists. And whereas Harlan Estate’s current release sells for $850 a bottle, Promontory’s is $450."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter on Burgundy's other self, Crémant de Bourgogne. "Go back a century and a half, moreover, and there was a distinguished tradition of producing even the grandest red burgundies in sparkling-wine guise."