Wine news June 2, 2017

Eric Asimov's Wine School in the New York Times on the polarity of sweet riesling.  "These are lovely wines, thrilling in their balance and their focus. I loved them. And yet, quite a few readers did not."

His next New York Times Wine School tackles "Thirst Quenchers." " So we will look at thirst quenchers, or, as the French say, vins de soif, which essentially means unpretentious wines that are measured not by their complexity, length or ageability but by the joy and refreshment they provide."

The Guardian on why Malbec ticks a lot of boxes. "Atkin makes a convincing case for treating Argentina as one of the world’s great wine-producing countries and the Uco as one of its top regions."

The FT on BREXIT and the art of buying wine. "In their worst — but apparently most likely — scenario, by 2025, wine prices in the UK are likely to rise by 22 per cent, with consumption falling by 28 per cent and the value of wine imported into the UK falling by 27 per cent."

Winefolly explores Lambrusco. "There are about 10 different varieties (8 closely related varieties, to be exact)."