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Wine news June 9, 2016

Refinery29 investigates wine ice cream. "To make the delectable treat, CC chefs mix what they call “super-charged wine” with a cream and sugar base."

Eater asks which winemakers are going to be the next big thing? "Scott Schultz from Jolie-Laide, Sebastopol, California: A proud Chicago transplant to California, used to be Keller's man at Bouchon, this small production winery is spellbinding."

Vice introduces the French hipster winemakers changing the natural wine scene. "To fight against disease, the Mosses take a page from biodynamics: mixtures of plants, horn manure, and silica."

In Decanter Jane Anson "works back from the storming of the Bastille and delves into the world of Bordeaux wine before the French Revolution of 1789."

The Drinks Business reports that a late frost has wiped out 30% of the Loire harvest. "Following low harvests in recent years, wine stocks from the Loire are currently at their lowest ever level, the report confirmed, with the impact of these frosts likely to compound this further."

Jon Bonné in Punch on the next stars of Burgundy. "And if the old Burgundy was about trying to make a go of estate bottling and elevating the family name, today the world notices talent—and fast. “Now, if there’s a new vigneron who gets good scores?” says Arnaud Mortet. “Boom. They’re stars.”

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