Wine news March 12, 2015

Fortune offers suggestions on how to spend the Wall Street bonus on wine.

The Wine Enthusiast says canned wine is trending.

Italian researchers have replanted a vineyard in Central Italy thought to have belonged to Leonardo da Vinci reports Decanter.

Winesearcher says Napa is railing against its Disneyland image. "Nobel Prize-winning economist Dan McFadden, a vineyard owner, stood up at a public meeting Tuesday to say that if the number of hotel rooms in Napa grows at the present rate, the city will have half as many hotels as Las Vegas by 2050."

In Wine and Spirits Alice Feiring interviews Pascaline Lepeltier and talks Chenin Blanc.

Alder Yarrow comments on the recent study linking attraction to alcohol consumption.

Australia's 170 year history of wine unveiled in new study reports