Wine news March 28, 2016

Slate on how to chill white wine faster.

The Telegraph on how the decline of French wine is leaving a bitter aftertaste. "France bore the title of the world's largest wine producer with pride until 2011, when Italy moved into the lead. Gallic winemakers battled back, however, and after 2014's poor harvest in Italy, France regained supremacy."

The Wine Enthusiast talks to Roger Federer about wine. "My parents always enjoyed drinking wine during dinner." The Wine Enthusiast also looks deep into what are some athletes favorite wines.

The Daily Mail says doctor's are demanding cheap wine be taxed. "RACP President Professor Nick Talley said the call for higher tax is not aimed at those who have a glass of wine at home but the younger generation that excessively drinks."

Jancis Robinson on Krug's unusual ethos. 

Ecowatch on how Monsanto's glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, has been found in wine made with organic grapes. "The wines tested came from Napa Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino counties in California. The brand names of the wines were not revealed, and frankly, the brands are not the issue. The real issue is the widespread contamination of glyphosate based herbicides in consumer products."

In Decanter Andrew Jefford meets a saviour in the Sherry world. "Forty years of crisis had left Jerez and Sanlúar littered with treasures of this sort. That was when the idea dawned on Barquín: why not buy a cask? He and Ojeda could then sell the bottles to their friends."