Wine news March 31, 2015

Napa winemaker Robert Sinskey writing in Eater on why sommeliers matter more than scores. "The era of wine arrogance is over. It was slowly dismantled by a chorus from the ether. Unlike the recent past when an ex-attorney could anoint himself the palate of America, a new generation of wine professionals seized control by embracing the Old World discipline of the sommelier."

The Huffington Post goes to camp, Grape Camp in Sonoma. "Days start early, with campers up with the dawn and out in the fields while the grapes still glisten with morning dew. Local grape growers give a candid look at the rewards and hardships of life among the vines and answer campers' questions with honesty and humor."

The Village Voice on British Columbia wines.

Mary Orlin in the San Jose Mercury News on Bridget Raymond's Oakville brand Omertà. 

Los Angeles Magazine talks to wine professionals about what pairs well with oysters.

Matthew McConaughey is set to star inThe Billionaire’s Vinegar the book about the fraudulent Jefferson Bottles reports The Wine Enthusiast.

Winesearcher on the reality of minerality.

As Robert Parker moves away from rating Bordeaux, a fine wine fund has illustrated a number of signs that his influence is on the decline, reports The Drinks Business.

Dr. Vino asks why is Champagne getting drier? "Wasserman said there are three main reasons. First, climate change. As harvest gets longer, the pick dates get later meaning that the fruit is riper, as he put it being harvested at “optimum maturity."

The Wine Economist on the rebound and bifurcation of the US wine market.

I'll Drink To That speaks to Michel Lafarge and profiles Rudolf Steiner.