Wine news March 6, 2018

The Washington Post asks in France is wine still a national treasure or is it a health risk? “The wine industry today claims wine is different from other types of alcohol,” she said on French television last month. “In terms of public health, it is exactly the same thing to drink wine, beer, vodka, whiskey. There is zero difference.”

The Napa Valley Register profiles two prominent Napa families. "Among the advances being applied at both Krupp and Araujo sites are automated fermentation tanks, each of which “is basically a little winery,” said Bart Araujo."

Forbes asks can a glass of wine a day help to prevent cancer? " And you’d have to consume a lot of wine to ingest enough resveratrol to be effective, which would defeat the purpose, says Daryl Davies, PhD, a professor in the department of clinical pharmacy and the director of the MS program in management of drug development at the USC School of Pharmacy."