Wine news March 9, 2016

Eater asks does natural wine deserve its own classification? "Three or four years ago I would have used this term, 'natural wine,' very easily," says Martin Texier of forthcoming wine label L'indigène, and whose father, Eric Texier, makes low-intervention wine in the Rhône Valley on an eponymous label. "It just meant thoughtful, crafty winemaking, mostly organic, but not necessarily ... Natural wine was the opposite of industrial wine, that was it." 

Bloomberg on how wine tourism could bring life back to Japan's disaster zone. "Sales of domestically produced wine hit a 10-year high and consumption of imported wine reached a record in 2013, according to a study published by Kirin Holdings Co. last year. That’s prompted a flurry of corporate interest."

Lifehacker on how to open a bottle of wine with a key. 

CNBC on Wall Street excess and a $20,000 bottle of wine. "The guy hosting got wasted. I mean really wasted. So much so that he didn't remember eating the last half of his tasting menu and demanded to be served again."

Bloomberg on the joys of a custom wine cellar.

Newsweek reports that Russian imports of Georgian wine skyrockets after ban is lifted. "In the first two months of the year alone, 2.5 million bottles of red, white and sparkling Georgian wine made their way to Russia. This makes Russia the top importer of Georgian wine, buying more than all other countries in the top five—Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and China—combined."

Food and Wine ask can a sommelier save your wine life? "fter all, each description of a wine is an exercise in applied phenomenology. Essentially, a sommelier must describe an individual experience in general terms, trying to communicate taste to someone else. It's a remarkable feat and an 
intimate exchange."

Iconic Africa interviews South African winemaker Allister Kreft. "Because we aren’t in Europe, where wine production is often restricted by rules of what to plant where, we have a pioneering spirit and approach to wine production."

The Drinks Business on 10 extreme winery designs.

Decanter on Trump wine.