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Wine news May 9, 2017

The revival of sherry based vermouth in Punch. “Until the 1960s, Jerez was making a lot of vermut,” says Jan Pettersen of Rey Fernando de Castilla, a Norwegian who purchased and renovated the bodega in 1999. “All sherry houses would do a vermut based on good sherry. Then vermut slowly went out of fashion.”

The Wine Enthusiast on Alto Piemonte. "In the late 1800s, Alto Piemonte boasted more than 110,000 acres of vineyards, most of them now long gone."

The Loire 2017 vintage is in trouble after frost reports Decanter. "Damage varies considerably along the Loire. In the Pays Nantais (Muscadet), Savennières and Saumur-Champigny the frost is more serious than last year, while overall Indre-et-Loire department has suffered less than last year."

Monty Waldin on the Italian Wine Podcast interviews Ian D'Agata. "Monty Waldin and Vinitaly International Academy Scientific Director Ian D’Agata discuss the Glera grape variety and one of its most famous wines, Prosecco."

Jamie Goode visits the Real Wine fair in London. "The Real Wine Fair is one of the two significant natural wine fairs held each in London year, along with RAW. Both are great, but the Real Wine Fair is better, in my opinion, because it isn’t so fundamentalist (RAW requires producers to put their sulfur dioxide levels in the catalogue next to each wine), and the wines tend to be more interesting (Real is signed acts imported by one of a select group of UK importers, while RAW is lots of unsigned acts – anyone who wants to pay to take a stand and passes the naturalness test). But I think it’s great for London that we have two such fairs."

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