Wine news November 6, 2014

In The Wall Street Journal Will Lyons on when a wine writer loses his taste for wine.  "In wine-tasting terms, my orthonasal receptors were working, detecting the compounds one can smell off the glass, but my retronasal receptors, which pick up the flavors released when the wine is swirled around in the mouth, were certainly not."

In California winemakers gear up for worsening draught in 2015.

The Wine Economist explores The Drinkers Guide to Healthy Living.

In Forbes Drync is the first app approved by Apple Pay.

Jamie Goode provides a photo diary of Mendoza.

Growers in Champagne protest taxes and excessive regulation reports Winesearcher.

Groupon gets into private label wine.  "The four wines include Snazzy Cat Chardonnay, Top Cat Merlot, Chatty Cat Cabernet Sauvignon and Jazzy Cat Pinot Noir."