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Wine news October 18, 2017

ABC News on people returning to their communities after the fire. "Wortman has been living in her RV outside the Petaluma shelter, while hundreds of other evacuees sought refuge in tents and trailers and on cots inside the fairground facility."

The AJC explores Long Island wine. "Inching up to 45 years later on the timeline, today the region is home to about 60 wineries spread across 3,000 acres of vineyards and turning out everything from sparkling wines and whites (notably sauvignon blanc and chardonnay) to rosés, reds (cabernet franc, merlot) and dessert wines."

The Independent on wine myths. "The saying "you get what you pay for" doesn't quite work with good value wine."

SFGate on the latest with the California wild fires. 

The Drinks Business on a wine gadget that lets you drink in the shower.

The BBC on the winemaker who battles temperatures as low as -25C. "Minus 25 is the absolute death knell for vitis vinifera [the common grape vine], we actually have to bury our vines in the winter [to protect them]. It's a huge job," says the 51-year-old."

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