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Wine news October 5, 2017

The Daily Meal reports the American wine industry is worth $220B. "Besides that total figure of $219.9 billion, the study learned that the industry provides almost a million direct jobs and over $33.5 billion in annual wages, and that when supplier and induced numbers are added in, the figure rises to 1,738,270 jobs and $75.8 billion in wages."

Reuters reports that EU grape harvest at 36 year low due to frosts. "Wine must production across the 28 members of the EU is seen at 145.1 million hectoliters, down 14 percent from the 2015/2016 level. This would be the lowest since 1981/82."

Popsugar explores wine-moms. "But yes, many of the moms I know do indeed love alcohol."

Decanter on WW2 grenades found near Saint Emilion vineyards. "Once all had been removed and examined by the local ‘Deminage’ (mine-clearing) team, the grenades seemed to be like a mixture of MK2 Pineapples used by the British army together with some of the smooth Model 39 Egg hand grenades developed by the Germans."

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