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Wine news September 14, 2017

WTOP reports on women winemakers in Virginia. "Charlottesville’s Blenheim Vineyards, owned by Dave Matthews, is run by an all-female team, headed up by winemaker Kirsty Harmon. Lori Corcoran, of Corcoran Vineyards, is another notable name in the game."

Forbes says Canada is a great place for a wine vacation. "Ontario is the largest wine producer in Canada and within the province, Niagara is the most diverse viticultural area, known for producing the highest quality wines."

The Star Tribune on hybrids and the wine industry in Minnesota. "Still, Marquette and Itasca have spawned the most excitement, not just here but throughout the Midwest, New England and Canada. A year after its release, more than 40,000 vines of Itasca have been sold in 2017, said Matt Clark, another grape breeder and an assistant professor in the U’s Department of Horticultural Science and Extension."

The Sacramento Bee explains the popularity of Italian wine in the US. “Italian wine isn’t meant to be drunk alone. It’s made for food,” Cernilli says."

Decanter looks at English Pinot Noir. "It’s the second most planted variety in the country, with 323ha as of 2016, accounting for almost one quarter of total plantings (as a comparison Pinot is 38% of plantings in Champagne)."

In Punch Jon Bonné on the future of California wine. "And it resurfaced an uncertainty that I’ve been feeling for a while: that the initial rush of energy that defined the New California has passed. For the first time in a long time, I’m struggling to see how California wine’s next chapter will take shape."

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