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Wine news September 2, 2015

Deadspin on Kool Keith's relaxing guide to wine. "Wine is to be enjoyed in a refined fashion, not quaffed down with reckless abandon. “It’s not like Hennessy, where you see some people drinking that so quickly and they’re drunk already,” warns Keith."

The Boston Herald on orange wine. "According to Theresa Paopao of Ribelle, the orange wine trend had its peak in 2011 among industry insiders and extreme foodies, but it was more widely adopted this summer — that’s a long time for a trend to spread."

The Chicago Tribune on why decanting is a good thing. "Regardless of what decanting does for the aroma and taste of wine, it will do wonders for your eyes and soul."

In Decanter, Monty Waldin explores bush vine Primitivo. 

Le Pan asks Hervé Quénol if climate change mean Bordeaux is set for a more Cabernet based future? "The increased frequency of droughts, like this year, may end up killing a number of vines and the increase in temperatures leads to a rise in sugar levels [in the grapes], and the challenge will be to produce wines that don’t have excessive alcohol levels." 

The Drinks Business on a new, free wine education tool. "Although has no official affiliation to the Institute of Masters of Wine, Wildman confirmed that the organisation was supportive of his venture. However, he insisted: “We don’t tell people what they need to know to pass, after all the MW is self-study, but we point them in the right direction.”

On, "From Priorat to Morocco." 

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