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Wine news September 21, 2015

In Decanter Andrew Jefford looks at the Burgundy harvest. "There was a lot of millerandage (inconsistent bunch development), and recent vintage struggles meant that the vines were not in generous mood, despite the perfect flowering weather, so this will overall be a more tight-fisted vintage than 2014 – down around 30 per cent."

In the New York Times Eric Asimov writes the obituary for Cornas winemaker Noël Verset who dies on September 11th at the age of 95. During Mr. Verset’s 75-year career as a vigneron, Cornas evolved from a little-known backwater to one of the world’s most renowned regions for red wines made from the syrah grape.

Forbes calls Garnacha the best wine you have never heard of.

The Sacramento Bee on the impact of the California wildfires on Lake County vineyards. "According to the Lake County Winegrape Commission, an estimated 15 percent of the area’s vineyards have been scorched by the Valley fire, or about 1,300 acres."

The Daily Mail says the size of a sip impacts the experience of a wine. "According to scientists, the variations in taste are caused by the differing amount of chemicals released according to the volume of the mouthful."

Le Pan asks is this a good time to buy Bordeaux. "So snap them up, Cooper advises. He says 2005, 2009 and 2010 are the “ones you’ll wish you’d bought.” 

The Drinks Business names the top female sommeliers in London. "Not only are sommeliers getting younger, perhaps a reflection of a rising interest in wine by millennial consumers, but the split between men and women working in the trade is getting narrower. True, of the 229 Master Sommeliers worldwide just 29 are women, giving an insight into the imbalance on a global scale."

Dr Vino comments on sommelier Patrick Cappielo's Playboy video where he tastes box wine. "What needs to be said again is that the industry needs to put better wine in the box."

Winefolly looks at German Pinot Noir.

Jancis Robinson on Domaine Tempier's rosé. "As it is, each year's Tempier rosé is bottled in four or five tranches between March and May. 'We bottle for the cash', Ranvier told me frankly, adding, 'but I don't want to make the rosé seem more important than the reds."

The Washington Post reviews The Oxford Companion to Wine and Winefolly: The Essential Guide to Wine. "Wine Folly” is ideal for new wine lovers wondering why a merlot tastes different from a cabernet."

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