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Wine news September 23, 2015

Eater asks what is unicorn wine? "Enter "Unicorn Wine," a new category of wine taking hold in Manhattan—the once in a lifetime bottles that every sommelier dreams of drinking, and bragging about, before they die."

CNBC on the fires in wine country. "The problem this year is that the fire hit just as harvest began. Many grapes had to stay on the vine for a week longer than normal."

In Bloomberg Soweto is emerging for a generation of wine drinkers. "Broadening the appeal of wine and spirits to emergent black communities like Soweto, which under white-minority rule was a collection of mostly poverty-stricken settlements, is vital for the growth prospects of companies such asDistell Group Ltd., South Africa’s biggest producer."

The Sacramento Bee talks to former congressman George Radanovich about his career in wine. "Then he takes the long view: “Selling wine is a little tougher than getting votes, historically.”

Forbes on Chile's earthquake problem. “We have a vineyard planted in limestone soils, which was the bed of the ocean for millions of years. It was brought up by earthquakes and the natural alluvial phenomena that built our environment, so it’s a very interesting country to plant."

The Drinks Business picks 10 Cape winemakers to watch.



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