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Wine news September 8, 2015

The Independent says natural wine could make hangovers a thing of the past. "The strange thing is, 10 years ago, no one understood this wine. Now they love it, now the market is ready."

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on an earthquake that has impacted wine country. "A 2.9 magnitude earthquake shook the Wine Country between the towns of Sonoma and Napa early Monday morning, according to USGS. "

The South China Morning Post on Lopez de Heredia. "The story of Vina Tondonia dates back to the mid-19th century. At the time, Rioja was gaining a name in France as a source of high-quality grapes to replace those being devastated in their own vineyards by the phylloxera epidemic."

The New York Times on when wine tasting becomes a party. "“If I can’t be loud while imbibing wine with a group of friends, then what’s the point?” Vicente J. Godfrey wrote in a one-star review he left on the Napa Valley Wine Train’s Facebook page amid a social media firestorm over the incident."

Monty Waldin in Le Pan explores GMO viticulture. "Yet, when it comes to vines, there are only a few dozen hectares of GMO wine grapes worldwide, purportedly grown only for research purposes rather than commercial production. That’s miniscule when you consider the world has 7.5 million hectares of grape vines and plantings aren’t going to grow any time soon."

The Drinks Business says winemaking in Lebanon is more dangerous than ever. "“The situation is more dangerous than ever now. We’re all victims of geopolitics. There are bodyguards everywhere, I can’t take my children around the vineyards with me, but I’m not going to stop and I’m not going to move. Our new winery is in a safer spot in the heart of Christian Lebanon."

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