From the Publisher: Introducing The Grape Collective!

This site is a result of my own personal interest in wine. Having never felt like part of the target audience of traditional wine media (I don’t have a fancy cellar and I don’t buy wine based on a points system), I dreamed up The Grape Collective as an alternative home for wine lovers. There is something very special about discovering a great wine, and you don't have to have a large collection to participate.

The closest I have come to finding wine media that spoke to me was the Tastings Column in the Wall Street Journal, written by John Brecher and Dorothy J. Gaiter. The column was full of wonderful storytelling and delightful narratives. It is that spirit that we are striving for at Grape Collective—to uncover the stories behind this dynamic genre of drinking.

We are also trying to bring the stories to life by making the wines we feature more readily available to our readers. We are first and foremost a great content site and secondly an e-commerce site, so you can purchase many of the wines featured in our articles directly from the site.

I am very excited about the tremendous talent working on the site, both in terms of writers and editors. We are lucky to showcase some amazing voices in the wine world, including Dorothy J. Gaiter, whose writing first interested me in this field. There will be a lot of discovery on the journey to create something excellent and your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and email us any comments or ideas.

Many thanks,

Christopher Barnes, Publisher