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Twitter 25: Our Editors Choose the Best Wine Tweeters

The 25 Top Wine Tweeters


Twitter 25: Our Editors Choose the Best in Wine
Twitter 25

Twitter 25: Our Editors Choose the Best in Wine

If you tweet into the Twittersphere, but no one follows, does it make a sound?

Social media reaches anyone with a pulse these days. People look to it for everything from daily news breaks to comprehensive conversations about common interests. Of all of the social channels, Twitter is best for multi-way communications and mutual engagement. Facebook might be great for branding and getting like-minded messages out, and Instagram has a knack for opening up discourse with simple yet powerful images. But Twitter is the channel with the potential to disrupt the discourse via very public dialogue.

As wine slowly (but surely) moves into the digital age, the dialogue about wine online matters even more. With that in mind, we've put together our list of the Twitter 25, a group of progressive oenophiles we feel have most successfully taken their wine personas online into Twitter.

Our criteria? They're not merely telling you what they're swirling and sipping, they're sharing an experience. They're not just aggregating, they're curating. And they're not just tweeting out, they're tweeting back. They may have a big following or speak with a smaller audience, but if you care about wine and want to learn from passionate experts, follow—and engage with—our Twitter 25.

And be sure to follow the Grape Collective team! Keep up with them as well as our contributors:

Grape Collective - @grapecollective
Alia Akkam - @aliaakkam
Christopher Barnes - @clbarnes
Katherine Cole - @kcoleuncorked
Barbara Fairchild - @fairchildonfood
Jameson Fink - @jamesonfink
Dorothy J. Gaiter - @winecouple
Anthony Giglio - @WineWiseGuy
Meg Houston Maker - @megmaker
Zachary Sussman - @ZacharySussman
Monty Waldin - @MontyWaldin
David White - @terroiristblog
Michael Woodsmall - @mkwoodsmall
Amy Zavatto - @AmyZeats

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