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Instagram 25: Our Editors Choose the Best in Wine
Instagram 25

Instagram 25: Our Editors Choose the Best in Wine

Instagram is a funny thing: while it is undoubtedly a visually-centric medium, offering a platform for powerful images to stand alone in that whole a-picture-says-a-thousand-words kind of way, there is a heavy reliance on actual words to contextualize and caption these images, providing everything from witty quips to passionate monologues. And these comprehensive offerings provide yet another conversation starter — as we see already on Facebook and Twitter — for people to participate in an open conversation surrounding whatever the offering brought to mind. Perhaps that is why Instagram is becoming an increasingly important part of the public discourse.

However, that being said, one of Instagram's charms is its brevity, both in presentation as well as immediacy when it makes it further and further down the feed. It's stimulating in every sense of the term; there's a constant excitment for the "new."

If the Twitter 25 represented the top Tweeter in wine who are "not merely telling you what they're swirling and sipping," instead curating an engaged experience for followers, then the Instagram 25 represents those whose visual (and editorial) expressiveness extends well beyond a label shot or filtered photograph of a full wine glass placed artistically on top of the table. These are the wine lovers who not only "paint a picture," but paint a picture that captures a moment worth remembering.

Drink it all in!

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