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Wine news April 11, 2017

Salon on how to taste wine. "Be sure to ID which is a water pitcher and which is a spittoon, also known as the dump bucket."

The Inertia on combining surfing and wine trips. "A lot of people involved in coastal wine industries also surf."

The Globe and Mail on the man who put British Colombia on the wine map. "This fall, McWatters will mark his 50th vintage in the Canadian wine industry. His career has tracked the growth of British Columbia’s wine industry, which has exploded from a handful of wineries in the late 1960s to at least 350 today."

The Forward on a feminist case against Kosher wine. "Not a single person filtering, fermenting, or storing wine is female. In fact, if you glance back at the vineyards and it’s grape harvesting season, you’ll see that there is not one woman in the fields."

The Calvert Journal on Croatia's underwater winery. "Edivo Vina's method begins on land, where the wine is first aged for three months. Next, the wine makes its journey 18 — 25 metres below the surface of the Adriatic in an amphorae, a special clay vessel with two handles and a narrow neck, which reportedly lends the wine a pinewood aroma."

Decanter looks at the 2016 wines in the Médoc. "Bordeaux 2016 en primeur wines are better than 2015 across the northern Médoc as a whole, and drinkers may find more buying options in second wines and smaller estates than in recent years." 

Simon Woolf in Punch asks can the Douro find a lighter way forward. “People underestimate how diverse it is here,” says Marques. “They think the whole of the Douro is hot and dry, but actually where our vineyards are [at 1,300 feet to 1,600 feet], it’s pretty cool.”

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