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Wine news April 14, 2016

Vice goes inside Mexico's naked wine revolution. "Luyt compares the consumption of these Spanish and French wines to having an iPhone, or before that, wearing blue jeans—part of the mindless accumulation of uniform luxury products, totally devoid of individuality."

The Wall Street Journal on decoding shelf-talkers. "Alan, who knows a lot about wine, admitted that shelf talkers draw his eye. But he called staff picks only “one degree better than Yelp reviews,” especially if he doesn’t know the person."

Fortune on how Argentine wine is ready for a big comeback. "A new leader in the form of right-leaning President Mauricio Macri, elected last November, has already proved to be an ally of the wineries that make Argentina the world’s fifth-largest wine producer."

Decanter on en primeur 2015 - inside the world of Bordeaux. "Ricard mentioned the superb châteaux that are available to buy between €10 and €20 and lamented the focus on the big names that often directs attention away from these smaller properties."

Alder Yarrow on NIMBY in Napa. "Things are getting nasty in Napa."



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