Wine news April 15, 2016

Vice's Munchies on the French red wine Germany made better. "Rotspon is lesser known these days, but it’s actually one of Europe’s oldest wines, dating all the way back to the 13th century."

National Geographic on snake wine and other items to avoid. "It’s also potentially dangerous—every once in a while, the snake doesn’t die. It awakens from a drunken sleep to bite the person drinking the wine."

The Wooster Telegraph talks to Lamberto Frescobaldi. "For Frescobaldi though the vineyards were always his first love. “Since I was 13 years old I knew agriculture and winemaking were my passion,” he said."

The Gothamist on how New York sommeliers reveal their favorite junk foods. "A guilty pleasure of mine is Kraft Mac & Cheese, with bacon, tomatoes, lots of cracked pepper and a delicious bottle of Champagne. It's darn good."

The Drinks Business reports that a nun crashed into a building after mixing alter wine with Ambien. "“At first I thought it was a dream, because I had handcuffs on. I was in my habit. I’m a nun,” Sister Miller said during her testimony."

Jamie Goode reviews the UK's new wine show, "The Wine Show." "But the show itself is a mish-mash. If you are into wine, it’s not interesting. If you aren’t into wine, it’s not really interesting either."

Winefolly charts wines from dry to sweet.

Eric Asimov in the New York Times profiles storied estate and Francis Ford Coppola owned Inglenook. "It had once been one of the most heralded names in California wine history, dating to the 1870s, when Gustave Niebaum, a wealthy Finnish sea captain, acquired roughly 500 acres of farmland, including vines."