Wine news April 18, 2016

The Denver Post on hiking the wine trails of Napa.

The Daily Mail says the Prosecco bubble is about to burst. "But rising costs means retailers are looking for cheaper alternatives, raising questions over whether the Prosecco bubble could be about to burst."

Jancis Robinson provides her opinion on Chinese wine. "One very significant change I noticed was that red bordeaux and its domestically produced imitations no longer dominate the Chinese wine market."

The Academic Wino looks at what makes a wine blog successful. "In general, the results of this study indicated that influential wine blogs aren’t just about the wine in terms of its taste and flavor, but also incorporate the wine with storytelling and the larger experience of the encounter."

The Telegraph on how wine should be drunk. "Nor, I have realised, do I want good wine from a dispenser any more than I want beef wellington from a vending machine."

The Independent on how the Italian Prime Minister's claim that Italy produces finer wine than France has been dismissed by the French people. "French news website, Franceinfo, dismissed Mr Renzi’s claims citing a ranking of 300 of the world’s best wines by renowned US wine critic Robert Parker."

NPR on climate change and wine.

In Decanter Andrew Jefford looks at two recent political controversies for French wine. "A second problem of French wine politics is that the French wine community doesn’t speak with one voice.  Each region fights its own corner, and defends its own interests; so too does each sector; and the glaring inequalities within some regions, too, leave the weakest actors on the French wine scene with a sense of alienation and antagonism."