Wine news April 22, 2016

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on 20 wines under $20, the Spring edition. "Value is not simply a synonym for inexpensive. It ought to mean that the amount of pleasure is beyond the norm for the price you paid."

Fox News on Spring wines under $25. 

Vogue says Kosher wine can be great. "I always liken walking into a wine shop to ask for kosher wine to what some men must feel when walking into a drugstore to buy tampons for their girlfriend for the first time."

Vogue on natural wine. "If you have been to dinner in Copenhagen or Tokyo or Brooklyn or Montreal in the last few years, then you have probably drunk wines made with little to no chemical manipulation."

The Huffington Post on climate change and wine. "Fifty years from now a red Burgundy might not be Pinot noir grapes and Chianti may not be primarily made from Sangiovese as they have for centuries."

The Guardian on British fizz. "Not only that, but consumers I speak to seem to like the idea of a home-grown alternative to champagne."

I'll Drink to That talks to Jean-Louis Chave.

Jamie Goode talks about Champagne.