Wine news April 28, 2015

On Reuters China winegrowers beat France to second place. "The world's second largest economy, which since 2013 consumes more red wine than any other country, has more than doubled the land devoted to vines since the start of the century to 799,000 hectares, the International Vine and Wine organization OIV said on Monday."

In Entreprenuer Magazine how Jon Bonné selects the wines for Jet Blue's new premium offering Mint. "I was mostly convinced there was no way we would pull this off," says the former Wine Editor at The San Francisco Chronicle and author ofThe New California Wine."

A profile of Wente Vineyards in the San Jose Mercury News.

Bloomberg looks at luxury rosé. "The first expensive rosé to grab attention was from superyacht haven Provence — Château d’Esclans’s Garrus, which made a splash in 2007 at $100 a bottle."

Alder Yarrow imagines a better future for the soils of Champagne."Many of Champagne's most storied vineyards are seemingly lifeless other than the vines that emerge from the soil, and to add insult to their chemically denuded injury, they are quite literally covered in trash."

The Wine Economist on the rise and fall of the Taylor Wine Company.