Wine news April 29, 2016

Wine is great for your microbiome reports the Los Angeles Times. "Your microbiome is made of up of the community of mostly beneficial bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on and in your body."

Eater asks what kind of wine pairs with spicy food? "Typically, I like to pair lower alcohol beverages with spicy food, the higher the alcohol the more intense any sort of heat and spice becomes." on Gucci's new book which is dedicated to the god of wine. "He is the god of fertility and winemaking and ritual madness. He is the one having a good time."

Decanter on how Burgundy has been hit by the most frost since 1981.

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on specialized wine lists. "Is a restaurant obliged to give customers what they want by offering something for everybody? Or can it stay true to a vision, no matter how narrow, uncompromising or esoteric?"