Wine news April 6, 2018

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Dustin Wilson's retail wine ship Verve Wine has opened in San Francisco. "We know that the market in San Francisco is really great for the kind of wines we’re into,” Wilson says, describing Verve’s inventory as leaning toward small, family-owned wineries who “represent well their place in the world,” typically working with sustainable practices."

Decanter reports on a Bordeaux wine merchant has been found guilty of wrongly labelling significant quantities of Bordeaux appellation wine and must pay a 200,000 fine. "In one of the biggest wine fraud scandals to hit Bordeaux, GVG had been accused of deception by producing an estimated 6,000 hectolitres of wine – 600,000 litres – that had been ‘mixed illegally or without traceability’, the tribunal was told at a hearing in March this year."