Wine news April 7, 2015

The Napa Valley Register on urban wineries in Napa.

In the Los Angeles Times talks to former head sommelier of Patina and now retailer Chris Meeske.

The Wine Enthusiast on the five most ridiculous wine gadgets. Power drill corkscrew anyone?

Winesearcher likes boxed wine. "A box with a deflatable plastic bladder inside is a terrific vessel for wine intended to be drunk right away. When opened, the wine lasts much longer than in a bottle – up to a month (a theory I tested and proved true.)"

Become a wine expert in four hours, The Drinks Business explains how.

Dr. Vino says the wine boom has turned 21. "When wine consumption shot higher in 1994, little did wine consumers know that they were uncorking one of the greatest bull markets in recent history. Every year since then, wine consumption has grown making the wine boom now 21 years old–old enough to buy itself a drink, legally, were it a human."

The Wine Economost on new conventional wisdom about the U.S. wine marker. "One theory holds that the changing shape of the wine market is driven by younger wine drinkers — we often call them the millennials here in the U.S. but I have also seen the term “echo boomers” used and Constellation’s latest Project Genome study calls them “engaged newcomers.”

Sales of organic wine has dipped 10% according to the soil association reports

I'll Drink To That talks to Cathy Corison.