Wine news August 13, 2015

Entrepreneur on how to not look like a fool ordering wine at a business dinner. "Running a successful business is about planning, research and implementation. You probably spent hours researching the potential client you’re trying to impress, so why not do the same with the restaurant’s wine list?"

Business Insider on why Malibu is the new hot wine destination. "“All you need is sunshine, water and money, and there’s plenty of that going around,” says Tim Skogstrom, owner of Cornell Winery."

In the New York Daily News experts say heatwave is threatening French wine production. However, The Telegraph says conditions in France are near perfect.

Reuters reports that a glass of good wine a day is the elixir for the world's twin oldest twin brothers. "There isn't much advice I can give. Don't waste your time fooling around, don't eat too much and don't run after women," said Paulus, seamlessly switching between French and Dutch, the country's main languages, as well as the local Ghent dialect."

In Decanter Berry Bros appoints Tesco wine chief as CEO.

Alice Feiring asks should your sommelier pour your wine for you? "Seeing us handle our bottle, the sabering champ sommelier Patrick Cappiello, came over, he was smiling but was perturbed. "I hate when I see this,"  he confessed. He then picked up the bottle to pour. But--but...we tried to say, and he explained,  "If I'm not pouring, it means I'm not doing my job."

W. Blake Gray says a wine's aging vessel really matters. 

Winefolly on the science of wine tasting.