Wine news August 16, 2016

Fox News on the truth about boxed wine. "Though a standard 3-liter box holds the equivalent of four 750ml glass bottles, boxed wines have roughly half the carbon footprint of bottled wines."

The New York Times on how Czech wine got its terroir back. “Communists, both consciously and unconsciously, were not big wine fans,” said Petr Ocenasek, a winemaker from the region. He has a theory for that: “If 10 comrades tasted one wine, you would have 10 different opinions. That was in a stark contrast with their ideology appealing to uniformity in all areas.”

The Huffington Post on Franciacorta Italy's alternative to Champagne. "There is, however, a large difference in size — the Champagne region is 11 times the size of Franciacorta, so it is definitely a David and Goliath situation."

Winesearcher on Jura's wine boom.

Decanter on the new wine trend Frosé. "‘Frosé is such a great cocktail to celebrate the summer; it’s like the adult’s slush puppy – genius."

Bordeaux sales reach five year high reports The Drinks Business. "We literally had to close down our sales screens at the moment of Brexit. Everyone just piled in – and now the market is really moving,” BI’s chief executive, Gary Boom, told the FT."

Winefolly on a guide to Umbrian wine. 

Jon Bonné in Punch on your guide to American pét nat. "More than anything, the diverse geography impressed us. The gang at Old Westminster, in Maryland, is having almost too much fun with their range of pét-nats, including a beautiful sparkling albariño."