Wine news August 3, 2016

The Chicago Tribune on a bill aimed at protecting the three tier alcohol distribution system. "Any person transporting into Illinois 108 liters or more of wine, 45 liters or more of spirits, or 118 liters or more of beer would face a felony charge — instead of a fine and business offense — if the bill is signed into law."

The Seattle Times on Sicily's Mt. Etna. "The looming presence of an active volcano is a simple fact of life in the Etna wine region, like the lapping of the ocean in a beach town."

The AJC on the wines of Uruguay. "Today, most wineries are clustered in the hills north the capital, Montevideo, which lies at the same latitude of Mendoza, Argentina."

W. Blake Gray reviews a book about the ex CIA agent who founded Blue Nun wine. " That book reveals that the KGB was ahead of the CIA in just about everything. When the CIA thought it was getting one over, decades later they discovered the KGB was feeding them disinformation."

Decanter on how drinking wine could be the secret to a happy marriage. "Women, in particular, were least happy in a marriage where they didn’t drink but their husband did."