Wine news August 4, 2015

Vinography tells us what he is reading.

Forbes reviews wine books. "Yet publishers persist in trying to sell wine books with the hook of delivering content that’s pared down to these “essentials,” as though making wine “accessible” could be accomplished in six paragraphs or less."

In the San Jose Mercury News talks Grapes of Wrath and asks wine snobbery or oenophile bashing? "lthough I generally have admired the wines that the group pours at its events -- I tend to prefer wines that are more delicate and fresh, rather than big, bold, jammy wines -- I'll admit that the group does have a self-righteous streak. What constitutes balance? If you're not a member of the group, are your wines unbalanced?"

The New Yorker on Riedel. "Riedel has an Art Garfunkel hairline and very white teeth for a red-wine drinker."

Winefolly on how to plan a wine tasting trip like a pro.

Le Pan interviews importer turned film producer Martine Saunier. on an English winery that is looking to crowdsourcing.