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Wine news December 2, 2016

Eater introduces vegan wine. "To keep its wine vegan, Karlo Estates uses bentonite — which is used in both vegan and conventional winemaking — as its processing aide of choice."

CBS on a study that shows white wine may increase chance of melanoma. "A new study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention analyzed health records of more than 200,000 white people and found that just one drink of alcohol a day raised the risk of melanoma by 13 percent, but only if the alcohol was white wine."

The Street names the top 10 wine cities in the US. 

Vice on how LA's wine scene is turning orange. 

The Wall Street Journal on Beaujolais. "In fact, Beaujolais Nouveau cannot be produced in the cru zones. But that doesn’t keep drinkers from confusing them."

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles the Wines of Michael Cruse their Winemaker of the Year. "Valdiguié, for me,” Cruse says, “is the bottling that summarizes everything, if you’re going to talk about Cruse Wine Co.”

The San Francisco Chronicle picks a winemaker to watch Johanna Jensen of Keep Wines. Michael Savage, Savage Grace Wines, Brian and Stephanie Terrizzi, Giornata, Broadside, Ketan Mody, Beta Wines, Jasud Estate. "California Albariño may not seem like a category in need of reinvention — it doesn't seem poised to push Chardonnay off the shelf anytime soon — but when Johanna Jensen started experimenting with the variety, while working at the Scholium Project, she aimed for something new."

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