Wine news December 20, 2016

The New York Times is excited about red wine hot chocolate. "Depending on your thoughts on hot chocolate, on red wine and on the trend of mixing two separate foods together in heretofore unimagined and occasionally unholy ways, this sounds like either the best idea or the worst idea."

The Chicago Tribune on Notre Dame wine. "To arrive at the five California bottles now available for purchase in the Notre Dame Family Wines 2016 collection, ND tasters worked their way through submissions from more than 40 wineries with ties to the university."

Food and Wine on the best Virginia wineries to visit. 

The Miami New Times on Kosher wine. "Indeed, he met with Southern Wine and Spirits recently and told them the only way he'll sell to them is if his wine is displayed in the Israel section of their stores, as well as in the kosher section. They caveat is there currently isn't an Israeli section, but that's precisely the kind of change Berg is seeking."

The Telegraph with tips on how to pick Christmas wines. "For a more personalised touch, try to find a link between the label and the recipient, their family, home etc."

The Guardian on how to pick sparkling wine. "Of all the beverages, champagne will reveal the ignoramus most brutally."