Wine news December 7, 2017

Forbes on why Abruzzo has an app. "A local developer then created a straightforward app, called Percorsi (Journeys) that displays photos, summarizes attractions and navigates to targeted destinations using global positioning satellites (GPS)."

Matt Kramer in the The Wine Spectator on subjectivity in wine. "The subjective is the only true measure of a wine. Wine exists for our senses and can only be assessed by our senses. Really, no other measure has any meaning."

Forbes talks to wine pros about their best Secret Santa gift. "For around $30, get the Di Giovanna V.21 Vasca Ventuno Grillo from Sicily. Made from organic grapes, it's a tasty, easy-drinking party wine, and you’ve got FOUR bottles-worth of wine in one box.”

Decanter visits with some Oregon winemakers taking a crack at Burgundy. "For such a venerable Burgundy estate, that dates back to 1431 and is part of the Hospices de Beaune birthing story, it’s rather fascinating to detect the American influences at work."