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Wine news December 9, 2016

Eric Asimov in the New York Times provides a top 10 wine list built on memories.  "So this is not a “10 Best” list, but rather a tally of the most memorable wines I drank from 2016, bottles that were not only delicious but also lodged themselves in my synapses for reasons beyond simply what’s in the glass."

The Daily Mail on why wine really gives you headaches and how you can avoid them. "Another culprit of our wine headaches is the sugar. When alcohol and sugar mix, the body requires a lot of water to be able to process these substances."

Decanter on how to spot fake wine. "Paper has changed over the years, with a formula called ‘ultrawhite’ introduced from 1957, said Downey. This fluoresces under blue light, so if you’ve got an ultrawhite label on a bottle of ’45, chances are it’s a fake."

In Palate Press Joe Roberts on the wines of Terre di Pisa. "But nestled in Tuscany’s northeastern quarter sits an interesting, ironic contrast to that clichéd image: an ancient winemaking area – Terre di Pisa – with a defined DOC that’s only five years old. Furthering the irony, this region crafts modern, authentic wines from a landscape that looks like it’s straight out of the 1950s, and is now becoming a tourist destination on its own."

W. Blake Gray reports on a study that shows American wine consumers don't care what sommeliers think. "The survey asked what factors are most important in buying a wine. Price is No. 1, of course. But after that, it's brand, varietal and country."

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