Wine news February 11, 2016

The Drinks Business on the potential for natural wine in the US. "However, Legerons maintained that as the movement grows in terms of volume, there was a “worrying “ trend that importers and customers were finding it difficult to secure allocations “Allocations are getting smaller from many growers, as growers reached capacity, which is worriyng” she said."

CNN offers 5 tips to choose great wine.

Jane Anson in Decanter on pesticides and the rise of resistants. "And with due apologies to anyone reading this in Bordeaux, it gave incontrovertible proof that not only is France the highest user of pesticides in Europe, but that the Gironde is the highest user in France, alongside the Marne, Aube and Loire-Atlantique."

Wines and Vines California wine grapes are falling. 

Jon Bonné in Punch on how France's most underrated white wine is stepping out. "What’s happening in Muscadet today, though, is more profound, to the point that even the French avant-garde hasn’t really caught on."