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Wine news February 17, 2017

The Huffington Post on how Trump winery is looking to hire foreign workers. "Thursday’s posting says potential workers will earn $11.27 hourly working at the 1,300-acre estate from April 3 to as late as Oct. 27. The workers are being sought using the federal H-2A visa program, which permits U.S. employers to hire foreign agricultural laborers for temporary work as long as no qualified Americans want the jobs instead." on how Trump wine sales have doubled in Virginia.

Bloomberg on how fine wine pricing is soaring. "Prices for fine wines have climbed to their highest levels since October 2011 on speculation that equities near record highs are poised to drop. Wines and the funds that buy them are being viewed much like gold -- as a store of value in uncertain times -- after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union and the U.S. elected Donald Trump as president."

Forbes on how fake wine is a billion dollar market and ways to spot fraud. "The total value of fake wine according to Maureen Downey, one of the foremost experts on fake wine who was leading the wine authentication classes, is around $3 billion."

The Telegraph on the countries that drink the most wine per capita. "So which country takes the crown? The proud title of most fervent vino guzzler goes to Andorra."


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