Wine news February 18, 2016

Winefolly on the six oldest wineries in the world. " In 2004, fluids left in 9000 year old pottery were discovered in China. What was in all those old pots? They were filled with a wine made from rice, honey and fruit."

Wired on how to taste wine and seem like you know what you are doing. "There are three broad categories used to describe a wine’s taste: sweetness, acidity, and tannin."

The Guardian on how Australian wine is under threat from climate change. "Grape growers are also experiencing a compressed vintage with typically later-ripening red grape varieties demanding to be picked at the same time as earlier varieties such as chardonnay, causing congestion in the crushing bay as three months of grapes arrive in three weeks."

Bloomberg on the natural wine boom. "A natural wine is organic or biodynamic in the vineyard—and free of additives in the winery, meaning no yeasts, no nutrients, and, most controversially, no sulfur, which is used as a preservative to help a wine taste uniform bottle to bottle."

The New York Times on reinvention in Walla Walla wine country. 

Lifehacker on the best way to clean a red wine stain.

The Huffington Post meets Canada's only female Master of Wine.

Decanter on the seven aromas of old Bordeaux.