Wine news February 24, 2016

CNNMoney says South Africa's wine industry is booming. "South Africa is the world's 7th largest wine producer. Its vineyards account for 4% of global wine output, and volumes have increased 20% over four years to about 420 million liters annually."

The New York Times obituary of Peter Mondavi Sr. "The winery was one of the first to use new French oak casks for aging and to adopt the then-novel practice of vintage-dating its varietal wines."

Business Insider on 14 embarrassing questions about wine. " A study that conducted a blind taste test in which people were given samples of wine found that they did not get any more enjoyment from a more expensive wine compared to a less expensive version."

Jamie Goode on Jay McInerney on wine writing. "McInerney says he is also influenced by the new ‘gonzo’ journalism of the 1970s in which the author is part of the story. Hunter Thompson and Norman Mailer influenced the writers of his generation."

Winefolly on the Loire Valley.

Vinepair on wine accessories.

Your Tango on how science shows red wine can make you thinner. "The study conducted by Harvard University "tracked a group of 20,000 women for 13 years and concluded that women who drank two glasses of wine a day were less likely to be obese. Other studies have confirmed that red wine can help the body burn fat."

Bon Appetite on what happens when you buy wine based on the label.