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Wine news February 6, 2015

In The Wall Street Journal Will Lyons says make room for Semillon. Fresh and citrusy it is "everything you could wish for in a white wine."

The Press Democrat on the truth about sulfites.

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on wine and chocolate pairings for Valentine's Day. " I found that the light sweetness of milk chocolate was more versatile with a wider range of wines than the darker chocolates, which have a distinct bitterness that, while welcome on its own, can clash with a wine that’s not equipped to handle it." on US wine shipments threatened as ports gridlock.

In Wines and Vines wine companies cautioned over Internet "ads." "The TTB regards social media from a winery as advertising and burdens it with the same restrictions as print or broadcast ads. It can even evoke other laws, such as tied-house laws, which govern relations between wineries and resellers."

In The Drinks Business, Union Wine Company launches Pinot Noir lollipops.

The Wine Enthusiast on the top three Italian wine trends to watch - Italian sparkling, Agliancio, Sicily.

The Napa Valley Register on Arizona's growing wine industry. "One gets a strong sense that the fledgling Arizona wine industry is wide open for exploration with lots of varietals and unusual blends, a laboratory of sorts where young wine makers are experimenting to see what works, pioneers on a new frontier."

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