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Wine news February 6, 2017

TMZ on Lady Gaga launching a wine brand. "Gaga plans to launch her own brand of wine called "Grigio Girls" ... named after a bonus track on her 2016 album, Joanne. "

Jancis Robinson on Poland's wine culture. "Sales of still wine in Poland have increased by almost 60% in the last 10 years. When I finally visited Poland last autumn, I was told that Poland had more wine bars than Germany."

The Washington Post on why rosé is great with winter foods. "You still eat pizza in winter? Salads? Anything garlicky, or with a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern accent? Don’t rule out rosé: It doesn’t clash with long sleeves."

CNN on 11 undiscovered wine regions. "Myanmar possesses only two wine estates, both located near Inle Lake, famous for its Intha fisherman who row standing up with one leg while manipulating their conical fishing nets."

Popsugar on 25 reasons moms need wine. "It's PE day and child has decided gym shoes make her pinky toes feel weird two minutes before bus's arrival."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter contemplates where value comes into the practice of scoring wines. "One of the fundamental misunderstandings about point-scoring systems is that they are in some way universally calibrated."


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