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Wine news February 7, 2017

The Daily Meal profiles Oregon's Adelsheim Winery. " Thus, there is a three-week difference in ripening time between the vineyards at 200 feet and those at 900 feet. Soils are also varied, with three major types."

Zachary Sussman in Punch asks why wine matters? "I once had the chance to taste a rare bottle of Bordeaux from 1945. I was poured just tiny thimbleful, but as I rolled the 70-year-old liquid across my tongue, I couldn’t help imagining the men and women who pruned those vines and picked those grapes."

In Decanter US wineries see a big jump in direct sales. "US wineries sent 17% more wine direct to drinkers in 2016 versus 2015, topping the five million-case barrier for the first time."

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