Wine news for January 14, 2014

The LA Times writes about a winemaker whose development plans, near the Hollywood sign, are irking his neighbors.

The growth of India as a wine super power, The Drinks Business explores.

The Wine Economist looks at alternative wine packaging.

Dr.Vino links to a Bloomberg clip calling out sommeliers as a surprisingly high paid job.

Robert Joseph asks do wine blogs need an injection of humor?

A Burgundy producer will not produce a Premier Cru due to hailstorms in July, writes Wine Enthusiast.

Decanter on South African wine exports hitting record high. Also in Decanter, the firm with who took over Chateau Riviere, where a helicopter carrying the former owner and the new owner crashed, is moving ahead with development plans.

In Winesearcher, a French wine award honors an American invention.

Winefolly offers the test, what kind of wine drinker are you? looks at wine's winners and losers in 2014. also looks at how wine producers will use consumers taste preferences to market more effectively in the future.