Wine news January 27, 2016

Lifehacker on how to make a fancy wine bottle display with a cardboard box.

Forbes on the wine trend no one is talking about yet. "Lower-alcohol wines for the boomer generation is a trend that’s being discussed in Europe, but hasn’t been picked up yet in the US."

The WSJ on the impact of California's drought on wine prices in a video interview with Michael Mondavi.

Entrepreneur on why the US wine industry needs a shake up. "The good news is there’s about to be a plethora of opportunity for some marketing gurus."

Mike Dunne in the Sacramento Bee on Mount Veder in Napa Valley. "Meredith’s take on the matter: “We have a very cool site. Cabernet is not the best choice for our site. We’re quite cool. We can see the bay from our place. It’s an ideal site for midseason varieties, which we’ve chosen to grow, like syrah and mondeuse."

The Modesto Bee on a speech by Fred Franzia the father of Two Buck Chuck. "Franzia also renewed his call for $10 bottles of wine in restaurants, which he said would attract more drinkers than products marked up to $40."

Esquire on natural wine. "It started in Beaujolais, a southern wine region in France, with a group of winemakers dubbed the"Gang of Four," who devoted themselves to experimenting with a back-to-their-roots minimalist approach in the vineyard and cellar alike."

Decanter on Karen MacNeil's 20 rules of pairing food and wine. "Second, match delicate to delicate, bold to bold. It only makes sense that a delicate wine like a red Burgundy will end up tasting like water if you serve it with a dramatically bold dish like curry."