Wine news January 27, 2017

The Napa Valley Register contemplates wine lists. "Some places try to show off their “expertise” by offering obscure wines on the theory that obscurity also means consumers won’t know how much of a rip-off they are."

The Guardian on what wines to drink with Chinese food. "Conventional wisdom dictates that aromatic whites such as riesling and pinot gris are the best bet, and if you’re eating sweet-and-sour dishes, they probably are."

Decanter reports "Winemakers and local politicians held a press conference this week to publicise their concerns about the future of the Corton wood, an oak forest topping the crown of Burgundy’s well-known Corton hill."

The Drinks Business on fine wine investment. "The conclusions we can draw from this are that perhaps the fine wine investment market may be somewhat more dynamic that people give it credit for."

Punch on the who's who of wine cool. " I looked at dozens of wine lists from restaurants that are considered smart places to drink smart wines, from Drifters Wife in Portland, Maine, to Bufalina in Austin to Stems & Skins in Charleston to Prime Meats in New York."