Wine news January 30, 2018

The Washington Post reports that high end wines are enjoying a boom. "Oregon led the surge with a 31 percent jump over 2016, followed by Washington state with 26 percent and Sonoma County with a 25 percent increase."

The Wine Enthusiast on whether genes impact your wine tasting ability. "Most of the research on supertasters has focused on bitterness—in part because of an accidental discovery that some people can taste certain bitter chemicals while others can’t detect these same chemicals at all."

Food and Wine on California Pinot Noir. "This is happening all over California, with individual producers bottling Pinots from individual vineyards and even from different parts of single vineyards, all in an effort to mine the full potential of the grape variety and the land itself. "

The Drinks Business on China's top importing countries. "he total volume represents a 16.88% increase year-on-year, while its import value is another 17.96% jump over 2016, according to the latest data released by the Chinese General Administration of Customs."

Daily Seven Fifty on the science of orange wines. "It starts with white grapes, but unlike white wines, in which the skins are separated from the juice right away, orange-wine juices are allowed to macerate in contact with the skins for weeks or months."