Wine news January 5, 2016

The New York Times reviews the Lonely Planet Guide to Wine.

Forbes on how US restaurant wine sales are still hostage to the 2008 economic meltdown. 'Millennials who did consume wine in restaurants were more open to consuming wines that were “hot” as opposed to wines that they were supposed to pair with their toasted kale. They also sought wines with distinction or unusual flavors, which is why Sauvignon Blanc sales rose 33% in 2014 and Chardonnay sales had not."

The Miami Herald picks the top wines of 2015.

Palate Press asks do hand picked grapes make for better wine? "Machine harvesting’s inferred inferiority is far from a given, more often marketing than meaningful difference. "

The Greek Reporter reports that Greek wine exports to the US have increased.  "According to the data released by EDOAO the national inter-professional organization of “vine and wine”, Greek wine exports to the United States and Canada in the last five years have increased by 39% and 55%, respectively." 

Decanter on concerns as EU relaxed rules on vineyard planting rights. "It means previous system of planting rights has been scrapped in favour of individual, ‘non-transferable authorisations’ that can be granted even on land that was previously not considered suitable for vines."

The Drinks Business on the top wine books of 2015.