Wine news July 13, 2015

USA Today visits Baja, Mexico wine country. "Forget Sonoma: North America's trendiest wine region is located south of the border. "

Time Magazine on insider tips to trying a good cheap wine. "Wines that Americans love—like Chardonnays—effectively come with a popularity “tax,” and tend to be the most overpriced. It follows that you’ll get a better deal if you look where others don’t, says Cornell Hospitality School wine lecturer Cheryl Stanley."

Eater finds wine to pair with Chinese food. "Riesling and spicy food is so pervasive an idea as to be borderline cliché at this point, but for a very simple reason: it just works."

Forbes on the power of a good wine label. "It’s a simple truth: most of us purchase wine based on our instant reaction to the wine label."

In The Drinks Business the Lake Champlain Growers Association in New York State has applied for AVA status. 

The Washington Post takes the millennial wine challenge. "Some of the wines I’ve tasted recently that are striving to be representative of this new low-alcohol style have, in fact, been unpleasantly astringent."

Richard Hemming on reviews wine bottle recognition apps. "However, if I had to choose only one, this time round Vivino would win my vote."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter on whether Languedoc wines can age. "Honesty must trump partiality: it wasn’t a resounding success."